Dear Friends,

 It is with sadness that we must announce that Denizen Coffee Istanbul has closed.

We are very proud of what we built and what we accomplished.  We are also very honored to have been a part of your Istanbul experience.   You have been extraordinarily kind and generous with your reviews on Trip Advisor and it was thanks to you that, in a very short time, we became a destination.

Although the work of running a café is unending, it never felt like “work.”  Each day brought new friends from around the world.  Hearing about your experiences of this amazing city reminded us of why we came here.

It is likely that another café will pop up in our space.  Someone might even try to re-use our name.  But it’s not us.

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Before we go, a note for those of you who are considering coming to Istanbul and Turkey…please do.

Istanbul is an amazingly safe city.  Sultanahmet, where most visitors spend most of their time, has been absolutely peaceful and quiet over the past few weeks.   Taksim Square, the center of the protests, has quieted down.  We’ve not heard of any problems at any of the other major sites like Cappodocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Galipoli, etc.

The problems here are the struggle of a still evolving democracy.  None of the conflict or anger is directed at visitors.  Come, and you will feel the hospitality for which Turks are famous.  As a bonus you’ll find the city less crowded than normal.

If you decide to visit, we can enthusiastically recommend the following hotels

Kumru Hotel

Ayasofia Hotel

Rumours Inn


Again, thank you for your support.

Ken and Earl